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Mr. Cod Background & History

Mr Cod is the UK's leading fast food take-away and restaurant business specialising in fish and chicken. Established in 1979 when Mr Cod opened its first UK outlet near London, the company has expanded by franchising the business in the UK, and since 2001 in partnership with Mr Cod's largest franchisee. This steady expansion has led the company to its current size, and has succeeded in providing a solid base from which the franchise operation can now be further developed.

"Mr Cod has been successfully trading for over 25 years - this tends to speak for itself..."

Mr Cod has been successfully trading for over 25 years - this tends to speak for itself, and the company is now poised to expand its franchising interests on all levels: From attracting individual franchisees, to engaging multiple UK operators to assist in developing the brand on a multiple basis. We also intend to grant international master licenses in carefully selected markets overseas.

The company has typical American fast food systems as standard, with equipment designed by US companies and available on a worldwide basis. However, the roots of the company lie in the British quality end of the fast food industry and are based on Mr Cod's special Fish and Chips with the added bonus of Mr Cod's famous chicken products that are, in the opinion of our customers and existing franchisees, superior to any multinational competitor.

Mr Cod was launched and is directed by Mr John Brewer. He is one of the original pioneers of fast food franchising in the UK, beginning in 1970 as a Director of Kentucky Fried Chicken he also became a founder member of the British Franchise Association in 1977, and a founder member of the British Fast Food Federation in 1978.