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Equipment & Design

A food warmerAll the major Mr Cod equipment is designed in the USA, but with the British standard seal of approval. The use of the best equipment in the cooking and display of food is of paramount importance to the success of Mr Cod. High quality equipment enhances the quality of the final product served to our customers, it assists sales by means of good displays of hot food served at the correct temperature, and it helps to control costs.

The use of tried and tested high quality equipment in Mr Cod shops brings untold gains, and it is for this reason that no compromise on standards in this area will be allowed by the franchisor. The franchisee or license holder is responsible for the purchase of the equipment and its maintenance. The need for replacement of equipment is at all times the decision of the franchisor.

The worldwide branding and design of Mr Cod shops is used by franchisees to provide a high standard of shopfitting and image. The Mr Cod logo and brand colours are used on shopfronts, menu boards, packaging and counters, as well as on uniforms and promotional materials. The final interior décor is agreed between the franchisee and the franchisor, and is at the cost of the franchisee.