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Franchising with Mr. Cod - UK
The following business opportunity will appeal to people looking to run their own business within the security of a tried and tested brand. They will be happy with a hands-on approach to operations, and looking for a standardised format to slot into place. The brand and Trademark of Mr Cod have been registered since 1983 and are protected by the franchisor. Its use is offered exclusively to Mr Cod franchisees.

Mr Cod is the UK's leading multiple fast food group selling both fish and white meat products, and is the only franchise chain offering this combination. Currently within the chain the franchisees are mainly single or double unit operators. The level of turnover in every case is above the trade average for this type of unit in the UK, and new outlets are now opening at a rate of three per annum. There are now 19 Mr Cods nationwide.

A typical Mr Cod shop interior

Territories are divided town by town per franchisee, who is offered exclusivity of operation within that area, be it for single or multiple units. The design and equipping of shops and restaurants must be to Mr Cod's specification, as are the highly competitive menu structure, uniforms and packaging.

In all franchised territories, support will be provided to franchisees including advice with property selection, store design, supply of equipment, menu planning, pricing, distribution, retail systems, promotions and advertising. Training is given in existing Mr Cod units.

Over the years Mr Cod has developed both 10 and 20 year licensing agreements, designed to offer sound legal protection to both franchisee and franchisor, without being constructed around confusing legal jargon.