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Property & Site Selection

The criteria involved in seeking suitable sites can be looked at on two levels.

One of three Mr Cods in Reading, Berkshire
One of three Mr Cods in Reading, Berkshire

For companies looking to develop the Mr Cod brand as a multiple unit operator a sound understanding of the catering and retail trade will be assumed, and with it a knowledge of the retail property market. This kind of operator may be looking to either convert an existing chain of outlets, add a further brand to their business, or to maximise the potential of existing sites within shopping centres, service stations, airports and the like.

For owner operator franchised sites the following guidelines apply: Mr Cod units can be from 750 sq.ft upwards. They are usually secondary location shops, with car access, trading seven days a week, with A3 catering use. Corner locations on busy roads with signage on both sides are preferred. Availability of parking is important, but not essential. The units should be close to pubs and clubs, schools, universities and high density residential populations. The responsibility of finding suitable sites falls to individual franchisees, although advice will be provided, and ultimate authorisation is required from Mr Cod.

Also, existing fish and chips or other fast food operators may well be interested in converting their current premises to a Mr Cod unit, and special rates will apply in these circumstances. Where we have previously carried out these conversions sales increases of over 100% have been achieved.