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Systems of Operation

A well maintained shop interiorBehind the success of each Mr Cod shop lies a computerised point of sales control system that allows the franchisee to analyse on an hourly basis, if necessary, the sale of items at any location. It is the existence of such controls that allows the franchisee to keep on top of his business. The system works in the following way:

  • The point-of-sales computer system provides information relating to individual menu items.
  • It also gives information relating to cash control allowing an hourly breakdown of sales data.
  • From this data franchisees are informed on stock requirements, sales trends, staffing needs and importantly daily profit.
  • From these daily bulletins, franchisees can estimate profit and loss on a weekly basis, keep an eye on cash control, and importantly forecast stock requirements for ordering goods and services and requirements for staffing levels on a day by day basis.

Mr Cod packagingDue to the deliberately limited menu and the subsequent low inventory levels, Mr Cod units can turn their stock over several times a week. With built in 'just in time' deliveries from Mr Cod dedicated suppliers franchisees can make the best use of cash flow to help develop their business. The computerised system helps organise the ordering of goods and services. The franchisee has the security of dealing with suppliers chosen by the Mr Cod group to deliver and distribute in the Mr Cod way, and benefits from the cost reductions implicit in the total purchasing power of the whole chain.